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I tried the evaluation of cloakfish because I don't have time anymore to find proxies, check them, etc.
I selected a proxy that had a high speed rating, was from the US, and didn't have a hostname 
(I didn't want to look like I was a tor user, although there are non-tor hostnames in there)
Easy to use, setup with firefox. proxy checker sites showed me as using a highly anonymous (elite) proxy. it was also pretty fast.
Even though its not that hard, finding proxies can take a long time, so I think for the cheap cost of this it's probably worth it as a timesaver alone. 

Everything set-up real easy, 15mins. 
Using one ip to test, will report back. So far everything is working fine. 
Everything is explained real well and they seem to know their stuff.

Just set it up.
Chose 6/10 speed - wish was faster, but wanted to test a slower one as it will prolly be active longer
Hides you well.
I did loose the connection when setting up, as the ip I selected died. 
That is nice as with other services you would have been left hanging after you verified it was good upfront.

I got a 24hour license to try cloakfish out. The program works really great. 
And if you use the firefox toolbar, you can switch back and forth between IPs which is awesome.
The only problem is that it is really quite slow. Like, dialup slow. Or maybe I got stuck with some slow IPs. For my purposes, the slowness was no big deal but I think it would be a bummer to use cloakfish for surfing or downloading something. Unless you got some faster IPs than the ones I happened to get.
Overall, a great product, far superior to proxies at the free proxy sites and great if you want to create multiple identities/accounts, for example, which is what I do.

I just bought trial for $1. I'm completly unexperienced with cloacking. From few days I was trying tor but that was disaster. Sometimes I lost over an hour to create one account. (I got few google vouchers). With this tool I choose fast US ip, and I can work only little slower than ususal. 
Or I'm lucky or this is what I was looking for...
Maybe are better things but for total newbie like me with empty pockets this is it. 


It Works!! It Works!!

I just downloaded and installed the 1.03.04 version and straigh away it works.
I setup FireFox and then checked out my IP and it says Im in Luxembourg And the speed is perfect it is almost the same as normal browsing just a fraction slower.
I'm yet to try this on SeNuke and other apps and will report back once I have but so far everything looks fantastic.
I signed up for the $19 / month plan so I get 15 different IP's a day. I think I will upgrade to the $39 where I get 30 proxies a day.
I can't explain enough how good this service is. I had a problem where I couldn't get this application to work (which was due to my environment) and Justone worked with me and created a new feature / work around 
in the application to allow me and I guess other people who might be in a similar situation to use this application.
The new version was uploaded to the CloakFish website in less than 10hours. You don't get much better service than that. Thank you.

I have tested the following applications with Cloakfish and they all worked fine:

    * Tube Spinner
    * Auto Pligg
    * Tube Increaser
    * Serp Scraper
    * Myspace Friend Blaster
    * SeNuke

I just grabbed my Standard Fish license to give it a go. I played around with it for about 5 min and already am satisfied.
Proxies are easy to find and switch when I need to. This is a great tool.
Thanks and I look forward to using this tool everyday. 
Cloakfish has to be one of the easiest proxy tools I have used. The proxy's are high quality, and yes, you'll get the occassional slow proxy 
(now you can select to have CF show you only high-speed proxies), but that's to be expected as with any proxy tool.
It's by far the most effective and cheapest proxy tool out there. 
If you are an aggressive marketer and need to use proxies like me, I recommend it.

I would give this service a 8/10. The positives far out weigh the negatives and Im sure I could get all of the negatives figured out by asking support or playing around with it.

This has allowed me to safely post 15+ local posts daily in the JOBS section with zero issues..(Bought pva's /gmails from BHWM elsewhere)
So my review for use in what I am doing w/CL is very good and at a very affordable cost.

This product is great. I just started using it yesterday, and already feel very comfortable. I have yet to do any CL posting through it, but I will very shortly (got my day all planned out). However, I did use it to verify a couple PP accounts. As justone suggested, I used some of the slower speed connections. (They are almost painfully slow, but that is not a reflection on the product, since I could have easily picked faster.) 
It seems to have worked, my account hasn't been banned.
Other than that, justone has been very helpful explaining his product and provides excellent service. There are very few businesses that seem to be run as well as cloakfish. Excellent. I'm upgrading to a larger package, in a couple minutes.

Excellent Justone, i have just purchased a StandardFish.

Seems like you have made a really great product, kudos. Time to take this for a spin and see what it can do. 

I would like to say guys justone provides customer support of top quality.he worked hours with me just to set it up because of my mistakes.
and the proxies are great.
i will also go for an additional lisence in the next few days. 

Thank you so much for adding the city&state feature ... I was leaning towards 5socks because I wanted this feature, but what was said about 5socks in another thread (that it's a botnet) has me less enthused about trying them out. 
I hope I can get cloakfish to work for my purposes. 
Thanks for the continued development and support!

Hi everyone.

I've purchased the cloakfish program and am very happy with it!

Well recommended and can now post alot more stuff with the great proxies provided! 

Just bought the 15ip plan! Tool is working great, thanks. 
Thanks alot, Cloakfish is working great so far! I will probably be upgrading my license soon. 15 isn't enough haha. 

I am here to post a testimonial! 
I highly recommend it over any other anon service!!! 

Just pop in again.

One of the best I've used. I use Cloakfish along with 5 Private Proxies - Super Fast and worth every penny.

Thanks again,


Im using cloakfish and its awesome. 

Tried the 1 ip license and all worked like a charm at a regular speed. Recommended.