The Cloakfish control screen

This tab shows the control part of Cloakfish.
The list on the right side shows three configured proxies
  • expired proxy
    The first proxy is expired, you are asked to choose a new ip.
  • online proxy
    The second proxy is running and active to serve requests on port 20005.
  • offline proxy
    The third proxy is ready but not started.
Screenshot - online and offline proxies

The Cloakfish license screen

This tab shows your current license status and can be used to store or refresh your license.
The upper part contains your registered email address and your chosen password.
The lower part shows the license information obtained from the Cloakfish servers.
This screenshot shows an example license which includes 100 new proxies / month.
(Currently 7 of 100 proxies (ips) are activated)
Screenshot - the Cloakfish license status

Adding a new proxy

By clicking on the (+) icon a new proxy is added to your control list.
The currently selected anonymity (slider on the left) is applied to the new proxy.
To use a new proxy a IP has to be selected.
This happens through a right click on a specified proxy, or by pressing the 'Choose IP' button.
Screenshot - adding a new proxy

Using the right click / Quick IP selection menu

The fastest way to prepare a new proxy by using the right mouse button on it.
This opens a list of your currently activated IPs.
By clicking on the 'Choose IP' button or the last Entry ('Show full featured dialog'), you
will open a new window to activate new ips.
Screenshot - Quick IP selection

Proxy IP activation window

This window let you choose an IP from hundreds currently available and running proxies.
The list is sorted by the Top Level Domain (tld) (.com, .uk, .de, .info).
Your currently activated (licensed) IPs are colored in green.
  • The 'Refresh list' button will download a fresh list from the Cloakfish server.
  • The 'Activate this Proxy' button will request a proxy activation from the Cloakfish server.
  • The 'Use the selected Proxy' button chooses the current selected proxy.
  • The buttons 'Ports' and 'Cfg' let you filter the proxy list (see next screenshot).
online proxies

Proxy list - filter options

You can refine your view of the available proxies by several options:
Ports: By default all proxies are able to handle port 80 and 443.
Port 80 is normal WWW/HTTP (like this site), Port 443 is encrypted WWW (SSL).
  • longtime stable proxies Choosing this option will remove all IPs that were offline
    within the last days.
  • 12h+ stable proxies This option removes all proxies that were offline within the past 12 hours.
  • only highspeed proxies This option removes low bandwidth proxies.
  • only low latency proxies This option removes proxies that had response times to the Cloakfish server.
  • hide obvious proxy hostnames This setting removes all hostnames that look like a proxy.
    As example '' '' or similar.
Screenshot - Quick IP selection

Proxy boot status

When activating a proxy it will 'boot up' starting at 0%.
As soon as a proxy reaches 100% it is ready to use, this typically takes a few seconds.
The Cloakfish client is constantly testing all online proxies for communication problems.
In case a proxy becomes unavailable it will report the issue to the Cloakfish servers.
Such a proxy expires and the Cloakfish client prompts to choose a new IP.
The Cloakfish servers verify and test all proxies automatically to always keep a valid ip list.
Screenshot - proxy boot process

Proxy IP auto-rotation and auto-activation

This is one powerful feature of Cloakfish! Auto-rotation includes a number of sub-features:
  • Auto-rotation: The Proxy IP-Address is rotated based on either a timeout in seconds or a button click
    The IP is taken from your activated IPs and can be further filtered by country.
  • Auto-activation: When enabled the auto-rotation will activated IPs for you. Based on the typical activation features including the country code.
  • Route finding: While the auto-rotation is running Cloakfish will search fast routes for the used proxies, this increases performance.
  • Continue session: You can continue a previous auto-rotation session to keep using unique IPs each time you use Cloakfish (beta)
Screenshot - auto-rotation and activation