Proxy sites

The demand for online proxy websites is increasing. This has various reasons:

Proxy websites

There are four main types of proxies that are hosted or listed on common proxy websites:


(the website you are reading right now) is also a commercial high anonymity provider, we supply professional tools and services and we are based on Tor.
We focus on high anonymity, high performance, detailed control about the virtual identity as well as easy use, setup and professional support.

Proxy sites:

Instead of listing a number of useless proxy websites, here is the information you need to find your proxies yourself:

Do you need a web-proxy ? They are most easy to use, malfunction on many websites but are good to unblock sites censored by your school or employer.
In this case use google and search for these words:Glype, Zelune, PHProxy, CGIProxy and "web proxy site"
You will find a lot of them, but keep in mind: your IP is NOT protected. Use our free proxy checker to see this for yourself.

Do you need free proxy lists ? These are illegal to use in the USA and EU (usually noone will sue you for using them, but remember you are not anonymous to the server owner!)
Proxy lists usually only have got a few percent working proxies, they are all abused heavily.
Instead of pointing you to a useless proxy list forum or site we suggest that you download the free tool "Charon", just google for that word.
Charon can find and test proxies, it is the tool you will love if you rely on such proxy lists. Take a look at the features of Cloakfish, we are cheap and provide you much more than any proxylist can do.

Private proxies or VPN providers are frequently available. As long as you do not engage in illegal activities they are good to use and provide a good speed/bandwidth
Many VPN providers are not professional, it is easy to sell something but it is hard to maintain quality.
Because of this we do not direct you to one of those providers, better create one yourself. It is easy to do and you can be sure no one looks at the data your send and receive.
Build your own encrypted SOCKS proxy through a VPS (VDS):
1. Buy a linux VDS Virtual Dedicated Hosting Godaddy are very large and professional, you will like them.
2. It will just take a moment and you have got your own linux server running including everything you need to hide your ip through it.
3. Download the free tool Putty, and configure it to provide a SSH dynamic port forward (in other words: a socks proxy)
Together with your VDS/VPS you receive an IP Address(your server), a login (root) and a password (of your choice), you can log into the server using these two values.
Start putty, go to the options: Connection / SSH / Tunnels and select: *dynamic, *destination=, *port=5000
Now enter the ip, login and password of your new Server, save the settings as new profile and connect to the server.
The only thing left to do is to configure Firefox or IE to use the tunnel, read our Howto and configure a SOCKS proxy on port 5000

Anonymity networks provide free anonymity. This is the only way to really be anonymous, even from authorities.
I will only suggest one thing: Tor ( Tor is free and the right choice if you are from a state like China, Iran or Burma.
You will have to learn a lot, Tor is made of one Client (Tor) and one Controller (Vidalia).
If you want more control, higher performance or don't want to learn how to configure and use Tor and Vidalia then check out our cheap licenses for Cloakfish.

You were looking for a proxy site and all you received was knowledge, we hope you still appreciate this.
The old wisdom: "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." (unknown Author) still applies.