The neverending battle to control the Internet

Internet censorship sponsored by states has dramatically increased during the last few years,
this was found by the ONI (OpenNet Initiative) a year ago.
Our technology increases and the possibilities to filter and log the Internet increase as well!
Peta-byte storages and cheap computer clusters make things possible that were classified as pure science fiction 10 years ago.
About half of all states are engaged in some form of technical censorship.

Censorship is rising

Six years ago, only 5 states were known to conduct Internet filtering. The countries with significant levels of
Internet filtering include: China, Iran, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates.
But also countries like Austria, Germany or Turkey are known to filter the web by using the search giants (google, yahoo, msn) and
block DNS requests or specific IPs, of course this is smaller scaled compared to the above named countries.

The first filter is the seed for more

Once filtering starts it is likely to expand, content filtering is a battle between countries, between the government and
its citizens over the control of the cyberspace. Filtering is evil and a knife in our right of freedom but
it is not the worst that's happening in the Internet, the big brother of filtering is logging.

The U.K. Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committe stated in late 2006 that the "collaboration of Western Internet companies in
the censorship and policing of the Internet for political purposes is morally unacceptable".
Western companies, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! in the first front, collaborate with repressive authorities by identifying dissidents,
handing out the email account contents or search history of specific users, such actions lead to capture or even death of bloggers, dissidents and journalists.

China aims for total control

China is world leader in content filtering, the country is heavily filtering the Internet to limit the accessible websites of its
137 million Internet users. The Communist Party leader vowed to purify the Internet and aims to gain perfect control of cyberspace.
Even Amnesty International is blocked in China, a worldwide respected organization.

Know your enemy

Censorship is a problem that can easily be avoided by gaining a little bit of knowledge about the mechanisms of filtering and anonymity,
the real problem is the authoritie's hunt against people violating their laws.
Because of this it is essential to not only masquerade the own IP, a real layer of anonymity and privacy needs to be established to be protected
from such government.
This means knowledge has to be gained, knowledge about Internet protocols, the way browsers work and how censorship is established.
Then a real anonymity provider needs to be used, strong encryption and more than one proxy should be part of the concept.
A Cloakfish license providing 10 or more IPs is one of the few secure possibilities that offers protection.
The Tor network provides a secure anonymity for free if money is an issue, but Tor is very slow.
Cloakfish was created to provide anonymity, control and performance to people looking for proxies, anonymity or privacy.