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You can test Cloakfish through the free login and the password demo

Click here to download Cloakfish now [Version 1.07.01]

Support for Windows 7 (64 and 32 bit), Windows XP, Windows 2000,Vista (32). (Runs on Windows Vista through the XP compatibilty mode)
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Evaluate Cloakfish

Do you just need one proxy for a moment ? Or would you like to evaluate Cloakfish before buying it ?
Get the 1$ evaluation license ! Please take a look at our license options below.

Compare Cloakfish

Compare Cloakfish prices with any other reliable proxy provider, ignore the fact that a normal proxy does not provide real anonymity.
Only compare the price. A good proxy list of 100 proxies/month costs 50$/month. Those proxies are mostly illegal, not unique and not stable.
A standard Cloakfish license provides >=450 different IPs per month and costs 19$. We offer a fair price and your anonymity is our dedication!
In total 800-1000 IPs are available at a single moment and these IPs will change frequently.

Cloakfish licenses. Order now and start using Cloakfish immediately !

It is recommended to take at least a Standardfish license, smaller licenses do not support auto-rotation which increases performance a lot!

License name Proxies License duration Price Buy
Evaluation License a 1 24 hours 1x 1$ Buy
Evaluation License b 15 24 hours 1x 3.99$ Buy
Tinyfish 1 proxy per day 30 days 1x 5$ Buy
Smallfish 5 proxies per day 30 days 1x 10$ Buy
Standardfish 15 proxies per day 30 days 1x 19$ Buy
Bigfish 30 proxies per day 30 days 1x 35$ Buy
Giantfish 60 proxies per day 30 days 1x 49$ Buy
Swarm unlimited 30 days 1x 94$ Buy

Paranoid anonymity Bigfish, Giantfish, Swarm The paranoid anonymity is a 4-hop path.
This means your connection is forwarded through 4 different encrypted proxies.
Auto-rotation and activation Standardfish and higher (also evaluation b) Automatic IP rotation and activation + faster-route-finder

Cloakfish offers the unique ability to choose new proxies daily! If one proxy becomes unavailable you choose a new one and continue working.
Each day you can either activate your previous proxy, or switch to a new IP.
New to Cloakfish ? Try the cheap evaluation license!